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It’s true.  Real men take care of their skin.  All men, including rough, rugged ones, can take care of their skin and not feel weird about it; we want to be the ones to help you do just that.


Did you know that men’s skin is thicker, oilier, and tends to be more sensitive than women’s skin?  Men also suffer from more shaving-related skin conditions and issues than women do.  These facts led us to search out a skin care line designed exclusively for men and the differences in their skin that makes it unique.  We are the first and only location in Michigan to carry these products.  Bottom Line:  the products and processes we use in our men’s skin treatments are designed to get results. 


If you’re looking to start a new skin care regimen or improve the one you have now, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. See Pricing >>


A man may shave up to 20,000 times in his life!  That equates to roughly 27 feet of hair in a lifetime that you’ll shave.  Why spend the time shaving when waxing is a great alternative to shaving for men.  Most guys enjoy the smooth results of a waxing service for 3-5 weeks, depending on how quickly their hair grows back. 


While we can’t say it’s entirely painless, it’s not nearly as bad as you may have heard. The more you do it, the easier it gets.   Give it a try and enjoy the freedom you’ll have from shaving!

See Pricing >>

Hair Removal Do's and Don'ts


•   Wear loose fitting clothing for 24–48 hours

     to reduce friction in the waxed area(s)

•   Exfoliate the waxed area regularly 24–48

     hours after your waxing service.

•   Moisturize the waxed area(s) regularly.

•   Use only professional products

     recommended by your skin care therapist

     who performed the waxing service.

•   Use an anti-blemish creme recommended

     by your skin care therapist for 24

     following your waxing service.


•   Sunbathe or tan for at least 12 hours after

     your service

•   Expose the waxed area(s) to heat or

     chlorine for at least 24 hours – this includes

     hot tubs, saunas and swimming pools

•   Apply self tanning, tan accelerators or high

     SPF sunblock to the waxed areas for 12–24

     hours after your service.

•   Apply highly fragranced products to the

     waxed areas, after shave products, scented

     body lotions, anti-perspirants.

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