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60 Minute Energy Medicine Session- $70

A holistic modality used to bring clarity and connection to the Mind-Body chakras, meridians and electromagnetic field of an individual. These 60-70 minute sessions include a 5-10 minute intake to address the main concerns of the client. The remaining time is used to perform energy medicine techniques tailored to directly address imbalances of the client’s energy field relative to their concerns. This may include but is not limited to Chakra Illumination, Shadow work, Grounding and centering, and Soul revival. 


60 Minute Reiki Session- $65

Assists clients to function at their most optimal levels by clearing blockages in a persons energy body and promoting positive shifts that allow energy to flow freely where it is needed. Reported benefits of this healing method include: relaxation, pain relief, expedited healing, improved sleep and a reduction of other symptoms of illness. Breath work, guided meditation and crystal healing may be used to enhance the wellness effects a person receives during and after the Reiki session. 


60 Minute AromaTouch Technique- $85

The application of 8 different essential oils to the back and feet (optional) of the client. The oils are chosen to aid detoxification, relax tension and boost the immune system response. Benefits may include improved sleep, pain relief, expedited healing, overall rejuvenated and balanced state of mind and body.


60 Minute Bowen Therapy- $70

An Australian technique that addresses stress, pain and imbalances in the body via precise and gentle moves performed at acupressure points in the body to stimulate the innate human healing process. This therapeutic healing touch is great for all types of issues from persons suffering from Fibromyalgia to bodies that are strong but don’t get stretched enough. This one of a kind modality will leave you feeling rebalanced, rejuvenated and is a great addition to any self care routine.

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